Silverstone F1 Tickets (10 Jul 11)


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Silverstone, Great Britain 2011

52 laps @ 5.891km – 306.227km

The first Grand Prix was held here in 1948 and has been an integral part in motor racing in Great Britain. Being an old wartime bomber airfield the original silverstone F1 circuit was four straights with a few corners and chicanes added. A revamp with a twisty infield section to slow cars down was introduced around 20 years ago and due to the decision to race MotoGP motorcycles a substantial change to the infield has been made. This will be the second year on the new track and the additional spectator facilities along with the new pits and driver complex will be opened. This should help make the track retain its position alongside Monza and Monaco at the pinnacle. Strategy and tyre conservation will be important.